Forwarding. Multimodal freight
In case you need to use several modes of transport to carry cargo, our specialists are ready:
-    to realize a complete logistic project for the certain cargo;
-    to make all necessary agreements at every stage of  the transportation;
-    to arrange the complete freight by different modes of transport;
-    to organize the warehousing and customs processing in Europe and Russia if it is necessary;
-    to control the cargo traffic continuously and inform the customer regularly.

For multimodal freight we have long-term contracts with shipping companies in South-East Asia, the USA, China, we also have business agreements with forwarding agencies in Europe, Asia, the USA and China.

Container transportation by sea is mainly done via ports of Holland, Germany, Finland, Baltics.
Consolidated goods

Transportation of consolidated good is done to/from:
-    Netherlands,
-    Belgium,
-    Germany,
-    Finland.

Consolidation and collection of goods are done by our partners in these countries.
Transportation is done by OOO SP "NBl Transport-Service" vehicles.