International road haulage
Our company has been working as an international carrier since 1992.
The main logistics directions are Scandinavia and North Europe.
The carrier's responsibility is insured at «TTClub» (London).

The company owns 185 vehicles including truck trains consisting of truck + tilt trailer, truck + container chassis, truck + chip trailer. Every vehicle is provided with mobile phones and some of them have GPS system.

Tilt trailers. We use biaxial trucks Renault, Scania, Volvo and semitrailers Schmitz with cargo space 82-92 m3.

Containers. We use biaxial and three axial trucks Renault, Scania, Volvo and container chassis Sclimitz, Zommer to carry 20' -, 30' -, 40' DRY. 40' HC\ 45’ containers.

Hazardous cargo (except the 1st and 7th classes) is carried in tilt trailers and containers. We have been carrying hazardous cargo since 1997.

Chip trailers. We use biaxial trucks Renault and 100 m3 chip trailers Schmitz with moving floor and automatic tent removing.

                                                                   Mainly we carry cargo to/from Finland and to/from Baltics.

                                                                   We are Russian Customs Carrier.