000 SP "NBI Transport-Service" was founded in 1992 as a Russian-German transport company. The company had 5 vehicles and 10 employees.

The company was developing in the following business areas:
-    international haulage;
-    freight forwarding;
-    service and maintenance of freight road transport.

Now OOO SP "NBI Transport-Service" has 185 vehicles, 300 employees and 4000 sq.m of service zone.

The main principle of the company is permanent improvement of professional level of every employee: "We can as much as we know" (Tantuin Possumus, quantum scimus).

Since the USSR times there has been a tradition to mark companies and people with different awards and titles. "NBI Transport-Service" has never intended to take part in different competitions (except race competition in 2006, when the company won the 1st prize in the North-West region), but still it was awarded with several certificates, namely: