About the company

000 SP "NBI Transport-Service" is a transport and forwarding company. It is located in the North-West region of Russia in Velikiy Novgorod town, between Saint-Petersburg (180 km) and Moscow (680 km).

The company has 185 vehicles to transport cargo in tilt trailers, containers and special semitrailers for chip. Also there are specially equipped sites (more than 4000 sq. m) to provide technical service for trucks and trailers.       



            Major business lines:

- international and domestic cargo haulage;
- arrangement and providing of multimodal freights;
- freight forwarding;
- service and maintenance of freight road transport.

OOO SP “NBI Transport-Service”  has been an active member of  ASMAP  (International motor carriers association) since 1993.
The company has 300 employees